Velvet and Pleats and Patches ...Oh My: Fall Lookbook 2017

Fall quietly made its appearance a few weeks ago when temperatures dropped in the Northeast.  If you're a true fashionista, this excited you for one reason and one reason alone: fall fashion. We've curated some of the best trends from the Fall 2017 Runway collection from boots, bombers, velvet, pleats, collars and more in this edition of our Fall Lookbook. 


"What is that ... velvet?" Back in the 90's when velvet ruled the world and chokers were in style ... oh wait, it's 2017 and these trends, which were spotted down the runway in 2015, are here to stay. Everything from velvet blazers, dresses and backpacks are sending dry cleaning bills through the roof. Here are some hot velvet trends this fall. 


Pleats are back this season in a big and bold way.  You'll see them in new bold colors like electric blue and remixed with velvet and other textures. The midi skirt is by far the most common way to wear pleats but you'll also find them mixed in with ruffles and lace on pants, blouses, and dresses. 


This attention-grabbing color is synonymous with fire, blood, and the cross so if you want to make moves this season, do it in red. 


Patches are a fun way to give new life to a denim jacket, dress, or backpack, plus this trend is rated DIY for Do It Yourself. Save money and order custom patches from retail sites such as Amazon, e-bay and if you're feeling extra saved, through a bible verse or two in the mix along with a cross and praying hands emoji. #blessed


If you are the member of the "Modest is Hottest" fan club, the Victorian collar trend making its way down the runway will not disappoint. The high collar style pays homage to the 19th-century era with an updated twist that includes lace and sheer detailing. 

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