Why Lois Francois Is So #Thankful

The radiant, lovely Lois Francois.

The radiant, lovely Lois Francois.

by Kendolyn Walker

Meet this agent of change who is helping those in need, while continuing to use her voice to sing about her first love.

Guyana native Loiś François has been singing since the age of eight and while using her voice to bless many over the years, she also opened up a nonprofit organization, God’s Love Nest Foundation, with the aim of restoring families.  More recently, Ms. Francois has been working on her debut album, Miracle Working God (due Spring of 2019), a collection of songs God gave her while fighting Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. This holiday season we are thankful for this woman who follows her heart and seeks to make the lives of the people in her community better.

We recently spoke with Mrs. Francois about her music, daily routine and passions. Here’s what she had to say:

Where are you based?

Lois: I am based in Richmond, Virginia.

Are you married, single? Children? Pets?

Lois: I have been married for 34 years, have four children - ages 28, 25, 22 and 20 along with a grandson who recently turned 1. The family’s pet is a 6-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, named Robin.

Do you have a bucket list? If so, what are 2 of the items on it?:

Lois: 1. Visit Israel  

2. Build a retreat home to help families going through crises.

Are you a reader? If so, what was the last book you read?

Lois: I am a reader. The last book I read was God’s Creative Power by Charles Capps.

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Lois: A singer or a nutritionist/dietitian.  

Why did you choose music and what do you hope to accomplish through it?

Lois: My mission, through my music, is to make listeners aware that God’s love for them is limitless and unconditional. He specializes in the impossible. He is their source, strength, provider, deliverer and healer, and desires that they live a productive, enjoyable life. Through my music, I hope to bring encouragement, joy and hope to the listeners. I also pray that their faith will be strengthened to believe God for their healing, deliverance and provision.

What has God revealed to you in writing and singing?

Lois: In writing and singing, God has revealed His unconditional, unfailingly love, His healing power, His provision, and His desire to give me His best at all times.

Do you have any projects coming out in the future?

Lois: In addition to working on this album, I am now working with individuals and groups as a certified independent, John Maxwell speaker, coach, and trainer. My purpose is not only to help propel individuals into their place of power and purpose, but to mobilize them to reach their realm of influence, and maximize their potential. 

I offer workshops, seminars, keynote speaking and coaching for both personal and professional development. I also work with organizations at large. In my workshops and coaching sessions, I provide the tools, training and support needed for individuals to successfully accomplish their goals and dreams. Please visit- http://johnmaxwellgroup.com/loisfrancois for more information.

I was reading about your nonprofit organization. How do you balance running such a powerful ministry with your passion for music?

Lois: In my nonprofit organization, I have been blessed with a wonderful group of individuals (board members) who volunteer their time in helping me accomplish our mission (which is to sow into the lives of families in crisis so that they may fulfill God’s purpose for their lives).

What current issue definitely needs to be addressed in this country?

Lois: Loving and respecting each other as God desires. Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.

What artist do you dream of collaborating with?

Lois: Sinach

Where can our audience find your music?

Lois: CD Baby, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, www.godslovenestfoundation.org,


Favorite Food:

Grilled salmon with baked sweet potatoes & spinach

Favorite Netflix Guilty Pleasure: 

The Blind Side, The Sound Of Music

Favorite singer now:


Favorite Cereal:

Special K Nourish Coconut Cranberry 

Favorite cartoon when you were a child:

Mickey Mouse

Coffee or Tea?


Morning Person or Night Owl?

Night Owl

She’s an author too! Mrs. Francois enjoying a copy of her autobiography,  I Serve You The Back of Jesus .

She’s an author too! Mrs. Francois enjoying a copy of her autobiography, I Serve You The Back of Jesus.

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