Hey Girl, God Doesn’t Need Your Money

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

Even to this day, tithing can be a very difficult subject within the church. The topic usually comes with the groans of hypocrisy and chants of “I don’t got it.” I’m just here to enlighten you by giving you some biblical context on the matter: tithing is pretty easy once you school yourself on the purpose of God’s intention for us. I’m, most importantly, going to tell you that tithing is not an obligation, it’s a PRIVILEGE. Remember, everything we have comes from God.

Let’s face it, in this economy living paycheck to paycheck is way more common than I would like, and many of us have mountains of student loans and credit card debt. When you finally begin “adulting,” your paycheck feels it’s gone before it even hits your account.

Where does tithing fit into our budget? I would, convincingly, debate with myself that God wouldn’t want me to be broke, and the Old Testament was just that, old. They didn’t have bills in Israel. God would keep blessing me no matter what, right?

So let me tell you it didn’t work that way. I found myself blowing money fast and feeling guilty for not giving God his due. I convinced myself that I “needed” the rest of that money. Then I realized that I was making tithing a chore instead of an expression of love, worship, and faith to God my Father. So, I gave all my money to God, out of obedience. I put it under His control and gave as much as I felt led to give. And as shocking as it seemed to me, I didn’t go broke and end up in the street. In fact, God provided in the most crucial of times. Maybe you’ll experience this. Maybe you wont. I’m also not suggesting that we tithe to be blessed. But surrendering my money to God convinced me that I needed to give up the idea of giving God the minimum.

I’m making a bold statement here, but if you say you can’t afford to pay your tithes, then I would argue that you haven’t really dedicated your life to God. You’re still sitting on the outskirts of your “potential relationship” with the Him, and you’re probably negotiating with God about what you will or won’t do in your relationship with him.

Read this article by Dr. George Bullard.

So, as believers, we give because God calls us to give and because all that we have is His, not because we’re supposed to. If we think of tithing as just a rule instead of seeing giving as an act of grace and love, we can easily miss the point. God gave us His son, and then Jesus gave His life. I mean, that wasn’t 10 percent, that was the whole thing!

 *cues Here I Am* I’ll never know how much it cost, to see my sins, up on that cross!